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Can you name the coffeehouse chain the hints describe by entering (S)tarbucks, (D)unkin' Donuts, (B)oth, or (N)either?

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HintCoffeehouse Chain
Founded in 1950
Headquartered in Seattle, WA
Founded by two teachers and a writer
Rejected name: Pequod (from 'Moby-Dick')
Has had a deal to open shops in Stop & Shop supermarkets
The 'short' cup size was one of the two original sizes
Has expanded into Canada
Its logo is a twin-tailed siren
Pancakes are on the food menu
Munchkins are on the food menu
Danishes are on the food menu
HintCoffeehouse Chain
Coolattas are on the drink menu
Hot chocolate is on the drink menu
Frappuccinos are on the drink menu
Café tea mocha lattes are on the drink menu
Dunkaccinos are on the drink menu
The first coffeehouse was located at 2000 Western Avenue
Has five total cup sizes currently in circulation
Was ranked #1 for customer loyalty in the coffee category by Brand Keys in 2011
In 2007, its commercials showed a customer ordering a 'dieci' (Italian for '10') since 'venti' is Italian for '20'
Advertised a 'Free Iced Coffee Day' in May 2010 that caused an uproar when it took place in only 2000 cities
Its 'The Way I See It' ad campaign became controversial for racial (and other) undertones

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