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Category 1
Childrens' game with two lines of people; if someone is called 'over' he must run to the other line and try to break the chain of people. 
Laguna Beach of MTV fame is located in this California district. 
A deadly spider, or the Marvel supervillain Natasha Romanova. 
U.S. military decoration in the President's name for those wounded or killed while serving. 
Bearded wizard leader of the Fellowship of the Rings in the Tolkien trilogy. 
Private Ivy League institution located in Providence, Rhode Island. 
What is Category 1? 
Category 2
Rod Stewart hit about a girl who 'led me away from home / Just to save you from being alone.' 
She portrays Betty Draper on 'Mad Men.' 
Famous Mendelssohn piece traditionally played during church marriage ceremonies. 
Tom Clancy book that was made into a movie starring Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin. 
2007 Kelly Clarkson album that includes the song 'Sober.' 
Female human Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles accomplice who eventually was mutated into a turtle herself. 
What is Category 2? 
Category 3
Corn and oat cereal that advertises that 'you and (the mascot) make it happen.' 
The Clue character traditionally dressed in yellow. 
American Fortune 500 corporation that markets the Betty Crocker, Yoplait, and Cheerios brands. 
A hired detective. 
Former WWE personality and semi-retired wrestler Robert Remus' ring name. 
Constellation dominated by the Big Dipper asterism. 
What is Category 3? 
Category 4
1971 Elton John hit in which he asks the title character to 'hold me closer' and 'count the headlights on the highway.' 
Well-known short-period 'shooting star'-esque sky sight visible from Earth every 75-76 years to the naked eye. 
Howard Greenfield / Neil Sedaka song covered by Mandy Moore on 'The Princess Diaries' soundtrack. 
Group of California-bound wagon train pioneers who were stranded in the Sierra Nevada through winter and resorted to cannibalism to live. 
U.S. tech solution company established in 1982 best known for its association with HP. 
British biplane designed for general purpose in the 1920s upon which the Venture and Valparaiso aircrafts were based. 
What is Category 4? 
Category 5
Famous American artist known for her use of color and the ability to transform subjects into powerful abstract paintings. 
Well-known Lynyrd Skynrd song that describes a place 'where the skies are so blue.' 
Agreement passed in 1820 in the United States between supporters and opponents of slavery that drew geographic boundaries for where slavery would be allowed. 
Major League Baseball team that has more championships than any other franchise in North American pro sports history. 
Pennsylvania-class battleship (Type BB-39) that sank during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor with 1,177 casualties. 
The longest system of moving water in North America. 
What is Category 5? 

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