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Can you name the six-letter words in each of the three word ladders, which start and end with related words?

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Set 1
San Francisco's pro baseball team * 
Popular riddle: Who is buried in _____ tomb? 
Pieces of living tissue that are surgically transplanted 
Activities involving skill in making things by hand 
Their mac and cheese commercial used the jingle 'I got the blues' 
Synonym for German fermented white cabbages 
Abbreviated slang term for 'bratwursts' 
Abbreviated slang term for 'beauties' 
Brutes, or dangerous animals 
Smallest amounts 
Contracts by which one party conveys property to another for a specified time, usually in return for periodic payments 
They change color and fall in the autumn 
Laborer employed on docks to handle freight, or a bar used as a lever 
It warms the water in a pool 
In cooking, a device for whisking/blending ingredients 
Large aquatic rodent with sharp incisors that might build a dam 
More courageous 
Atlanta's pro baseball team * 
Set 2
Recycled, reduced, and _____ * 
Brought out of sleep 
Causes to feel angry or excited 
Red powder or cream used as a cosmetic for coloring the cheeks or lips 
Subjects a player on the opposing team to unnecessary physical abuse 
Main branches of a tree, or the bulk of holly with which you might 'deck the halls' 
Purchased * 
Set 3
Comic entertainers with exaggerated makeup and clothing * 
What kings and queens wear on their heads 
Popular rock band formed in 1989: The Black _____ 
Stock characters in folklore and fairy tale: old women 
In Greek mythology, the leader and youngest of the first generation of Titans; father of Zeus 
A true weevil 
Genus of medium-sized parrots native to Mexico and Central and South America 
Spanish word for 'sprockets,' or slang term for states of greatness beyond typical success 
Son of Agron, king of Ardiaei in Illyria, who succeeded his father's reign 
President of the UN General Assembly beginning in 1985 
Feels sorrow for the misfortunes of another person 
Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, etc. 
Ones who quote a book as an authority, or a Europe-based medical company 
This type of fruit includes lemons, limes, and oranges 
Type of cloud forming wispy filamentous tufted streaks at high altitude, usually 16,500–45,000 feet 
Public entertainment taking place in a large tent * 

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