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Can you name the movie that stars each pair of actors in these sets of links, which all originate with Kevin Bacon?

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Bacon Link 1: Jolie to Bacon
Angelina Jolie & James McAvoy 
James McAvoy & Kevin Bacon 
Bacon Link 2: Travolta to Bacon
John Travolta & Marisa Tomei 
Marisa Tomei & Kevin Bacon 
Bacon Link 3: Lohan to Bacon
Lindsay Lohan & Matt Dillon 
Matt Dillon & Kevin Bacon 
Bacon Link 4: Smith to Bacon
Will Smith & Josh Brolin 
Josh Brolin & Kevin Bacon 
Bacon Link 5: Berry to Bacon
Halle Berry & Mos Def 
Mos Def & Kevin Bacon 
Bacon Link 6: Osment to Bacon
Haley Joel Osment & Tom Hanks 
Tom Hanks & Kevin Bacon 
Bacon Link 7: Silverman to Bacon
Sarah Silverman & Rainn Wilson 
Rainn Wilson & Kevin Bacon 
Bacon Link 8: Wilson to Bacon
Owen Wilson & Michael Sheen 
Michael Sheen & Kevin Bacon 
Bacon Link 9: Clarkson to Bacon
Kelly Clarkson & Anika Noni Rose 
Anika Noni Rose & Laurence Fishburne 
Laurence Fishburne & Kevin Bacon 
Bacon Link 10: Efron to Bacon
Zac Efron & Blythe Danner 
Blythe Danner & Kevin Bacon 
Bacon Link 11: Turner to Bacon
Tina Turner & Jack Nicholson 
Jack Nicholson & Kevin Bacon 
Bacon Link 12: Kinnear to Bacon
Greg Kinnear & Sarah Jessica Parker 
Sarah Jessica Parker & Kevin Bacon 

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