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Tombstone Inscription Disney Character % Correct
She could always man up and take down a Hun. Now she and her dragon are buried as one.Mulan
His son brought him joy and his brother brought him strife. Now he contributes to the circle of life.Mufasa
Here lies a girl who once sang maritime hymns, before striving for love and growing out limbs.Ariel
He escaped a rocket bound for space, then said 'aloha' and found on Earth a place.Stitch
He was missing both a hand and smile, but was perfect bait for a crocodile.Captain Hook
Here lies one who always brought the funny, whether he was stuck in a hole or reaching for honey.Winnie the Pooh
Here lies a being, we bet you know who! She could draw out a smile with 'Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.'Fairy Godmother
He finally learned to not tell a lie, such a shame he had to die.Pinocchio
With a fur obsession and heinous hair, she died in prison- really, do you care?Cruella De Vil
Raised by wolves and then by men, he visited his animal friends time and again.Mowgli
Tombstone Inscription Disney Character % Correct
A hitman for hire with a heart of gold, he disobeyed the queen and never told.Humbert the Huntsman
A loving and clownish father as sweet as can be, he found his son in the deep blue sea.Marlin
He took a bullet for his lover's dad, then returned to England heartbroken and sad.John Smith
A stab to the heart and a cliff fall so steep- karma for this woman who put a princess to sleep.Maleficent
He was whacked with a frying pan and lied about his name, but he got the girl of long-haired fame.Eugene
Despite falling for a faux prince, she found true love and stuck with him since.Jasmine
He was Maldonia's version of a Paris Hilton joke, until he became an amphibian and learned his lesson with a croak.Naveen
Whether she was trashin' the camp or vine-swinging for sport, this mischievous little gorilla's life was cut too short.Terk
Captured in an enchanted castle without his horse, once released by his daughter, he returned with greater force.Maurice
In his fantasy world, he sat among the blooms. Perhaps he should have laid off the shrooms.Caterpillar

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