Popular Songs: All Together Now! [Part 4]

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Can you name the singer or band from each sentence, created entirely from at least 3 of their own song titles?

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What if lovers in Japan fix you?
Celebrate no air, one step at a time.
Use somebody back down south, beach side.
Tonight I wanna cry where the blacktop ends, making memories of us.
On a night like this, I want you blowin' in the wind.
Fat bottomed girls under pressure don't stop me now.
You sent me flying back to black rehab.
I'm on fire, dancing in the dark secret garden.
I can't make you love me all at once, right down the line.
I'm a believer walkin' on the sun - then the morning comes.
You only live once all the time under cover of darkness.
If I lose myself, all the right moves feel again.
Fly away, Mr. Cab Driver, if you can't say no.
In my business, I bow out, saving all my love for you.
She will drop the world - no worries, young playa realized how to love gonorrhea.
I run to you downtown, lookin' for a good time.
When you look me in the eyes, hold on tonight.
No one put it in a love song if I ain't got you.
Me and my friends give it away under the bridge.
Where are you now, little lion man - the cave?
I'll make love to you more than you'll ever know - thank you in advance.
Jump in the ayer right round.

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