Popular Songs: All Together Now! [Part 3]

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Can you name the singer or band from each sentence, created entirely from at least 3 of their own song titles?

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Don't stop for your love, Rhiannon.
If you asked me to, I'm your angel - that's the way it is.
Everyday people sing a simple song, if it were left up to me.
I can't get no satisfaction out of tears all down the line.
When love gets a hold of you, sweet music man, turn on the radio.
Don't turn off the lights - maybe I like it.
Pour some sugar on me day after day, no matter what.
Until you're mine, give your heart a break - in real life, my love is like a star.
Everybody talks close to you in the next room.
One less lonely girl never let you go overboard.
Mrs. Robinson, I am a rock bridge over troubled water.
Her diamonds give me the meltdown someday.
You'll be in my heart everyday no matter who I missed again.
The trouble with love is, because of you, I do not hook up.
Mean Tim McGraw should've said no.
When a boy falls in love, a change is gonna come another Saturday night.
I want what makes you beautiful more than this.
Thank God I found you, the hardest thing, my everything.
Visions of love can't let go if it's over forever.
Va va voom . . . starships fly.
O girlfriend, I'm tryna cut off time.
Lady Samantha, the bitch, is back from Denver to L.A.

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