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Can you name the answers to the riddles about popular singers or bands using the title of one of their hit songs?

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How might the Beach Boys describe the earthquake that demolished the ugly abandoned house next door?1966
How did Carrie Underwood refer to the hotel she stayed in while her house was being fumigated?2009
What was Kenny Chesney's wife's feelings about the giant bikini he fashioned for his farm truck?1999
What did Journey say to encourage their kids to continue going to church?1981
How does Kelly Clarkson describe her life ever since the 21st letter was eliminated from the English alphabet?2004
How did Imagine Dragons answer the riddle 'Until I am measured, I am not known, yet how you miss me when I have flown'?2012
How did ABBA describe Elizabeth II when she was caught doing the Dougie?1976
How did Michael Jackson describe John Gotti after he shaved his chest?1988
What could be seen on Taylor Swift's six-string when she cried above it after ending yet another relationship?2007
RiddleAnswerSong Released in
Who is Paul Simon's favorite character in 'The Graduate'?1968
If you're constantly jumping during 'Paranormal Activity,' why might Demi Lovato suggest that you leave the theater for a minute or two?2012
According to AC/DC, what route does Satan take to get home every night?1979
What is the Bee Gees' goal when they guest-star on AMC's 'The Walking Dead'?1977
Which of Train's lists begins with: 1) Adios 2) Au revoir . . . ?2012
How did Elton John describe Kate Gosselin's return to television?1974
What part of the eye will the Goo Goo Dolls look into when they're singing to you?1998
What does Flo Rida use to get his puppy's attention?2012
What would Bon Jovi say to someone who thinks marriage is a sham and soulmates don't exist?1986

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