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Can you name the answers to the riddles about popular singers or bands using the title of one of their hit songs?

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RiddleAnswerSong Released in
What did the Baha Men ask when someone busted down the kennel doors?2000
What might Ke$ha's fate be if she continues to binge drink and black out?2012
What did the animals say to cordially receive Guns 'N' Roses when they tried to enter the rainforest?1987
When the pet store animals proved to be too wild, which old-school 'pet' did Twisted Sister opt for, in his words?1984
What did The Weather Girls observe when a group of military parachuters landed all around them?1982
How much adoration does Led Zeppelin get from their fans?1969
What will Lady Gaga do if she gets bad acne?2008
What was Katy Perry's biggest regret from her latest fishing trip?2011
What did One Direction ask their girlfriends to boost their self-esteem?2011
RiddleAnswerSong Released in
What did Maroon 5 say to the stingy millionaire at a charity dinner?2010
What is Rihanna's favorite Shia LaBeouf film?2008
What did Queen ask of their friends to convince them to join their quest to seek the Fountain of Youth?1986
How does Train introduce the author of 'Mrs. Dalloway' to their friends?1999
What did Haddaway ask after reading Plato's 'The Symposium'?1993
What did Madonna's doctor tell her they would do during her cardiac surgery?1986
In what condition was Bruno Mars post-mortem when St. Peter padlocked the pearly gates?2012
What did Aerosmith do when their alarm clock didn't go off in the morning?1973
What did Britney Spears say to instigate her opponent during a boxing match against an infant?1998

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