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Can you name the various facts about Martin Luther King, Jr.?

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Birth city
Birth year
First name given at birth
High school
Age upon entering college
Undergraduate institution
B.A. degree obtained in this subject
Post-graduate institution
Wife's name
Child's name
Child's name
Child's name
Child's name
Major award received in 1964
Arrested during the 1955 bus boycott in this city
In 1957, King helped found the SCLC, which stands for this
Stabbed with a letter opener in 1958 by this woman
The thinker whose nonviolent techniques were employed by King
'Separate but equal' laws (1876-1965) opposed by King
Year of King's famous March on Washington
Speech given by King during the March on Washington
Landmark in front of which King gave his March on Washington speech
Desegregation coalition with which King and the SCLC became involved in 1961
City where the SCLC prominently promoted African-American civil rights in the spring of 1963
King opposed U.S. involvement in this war starting in 1965
Year of assassination
Man who plead guilty to the assasssination
President who declared April 7 a day of mourning for King
King's biographer who wrote an award-winning trilogy on his life
Federal holiday Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is annually observed on the third Monday of this month

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