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QUIZ: Can you name the words in the Hannah Barbera cartoon themed word ladder?

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Set 1 (4 Letters)
1. With #13, his sidekick is Boo Boo 
2. Physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines that originated in ancient India 
3. A wise character from 'Star Wars,' he is 
4. Kotb who is a 'Today' show co-host 
5. 'Hello,' in Spanish 
6. Grasp, carry, or support with one's arms or hands 
7. Chilly 
8. Rope made from several twisted strands 
9. A small, painful area of thickened skin on the foot (ie: on the toes) caused by pressure. 
10. Existing as a result of birth 
11. Capital of Switzerland 
12. Popular Rowan Atkinson character 
13. With #1, his sidekick is Boo Boo 
Set 2 (4 Letters)
1. With #10, the great white whale who saves Tom and Tub 
2. Country singer Keith with hits 'Red Solo Cup' and 'I Like Girls That Drink Beer' 
3. Award for excellence in live Broadway theatre 
4. Very small 
5. Arranged neatly and in order 
6. The alternate rising and falling of the sea due to the attraction of the moon 
7. Sally who remains the youngest American astronaut to be launched into space 
8. Jerry who is a 13-time Pro Bowler retired NFL wide receiver that won three Super Bowl rings with the 49ers 
9. First name of Texas Governor Perry who succeeded George W. Bush when Bush became president 
10. With #1, the great white whale who saves Tom and Tub 
Set 3 (5 Letters)
1. With #17, the car driven by Tinker and his friends Mark and Debbie 
2. To expend or consume 
3. Exhausted; having no energy left 
4. A distinctive smell (ie: a pleasant one) 
5. Barely sufficient or adequate 
6. A sloping position 
7. A factory, mill, or works, or an herb 
8. Aircraft 
9. A particular position or point in space 
10. It accompanies 'War' in the title of a famous Tolstoy novel 
11. British penny, pluralized 
12. Pasta in the form of short wide tubes 
13. A one-cent coin equal to one hundredth of a dollar 
14. Rosie O'Donnell kid-quoting joke book: 'Kids are _____' 
15. Type of schooner developed in and peculiar to the Chesapeake Bay region 
16. Type of jumping from a tall structure while connected to a cord (alt. spelling) 
17. With #1, the car driven by Tinker and his friends Mark and Debbie 

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