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Can you name the answers to the 'Breaking Bad' themed mini word ladders?

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Set 1 (6 Letters)
1. The chemistry teacher's wife (Anna Gunn) * 
2. This Trudie is the 2nd (and current) wife of musician Sting 
3. Modes of fashion 
4. 'Dexter' actress Julia, or 'Teen Wolf' character Stilinski 
5. Grins 
6. Smirked 
7. Traveled in a boat 
8. Gave a cry of pain, grief, or anger 
9. Stayed in place until a particular time 
10. Restaurant server 
11. The chemistry teacher (Bryan Cranston) * 
Set 2 (5 Letters)
1. Cap'n Cook, the meth dealer (Aaron Paul) * 
2. Jazz musician J, or middle name of talk show host Sally Raphael 
3. Untidy (ie: a room) 
4. Untidy (ie: hair) 
5. Smelling of deer (or related) secretions 
6. UConn's mascot, or a sled-pulling dog in northern regions 
7. Describes a sexually attractive man 
8. Handkerchief 
9. Aaron, Baskett, and Williams 
10. Listens or hears 
11. Titular department for which Leslie Knope works on NBC 
12. Capital of France 
13. He held a longtime home run record of 61 in a season 
14. The radiology technician (Betsy Brandt) * 
Set 3 (4 Letters)
1. The former DEA fed (Dean Norris) * 
2. The sound a car horn makes 
3. To sharpen (ie: a skill) 
4. Surname of the 'Cheers' character portrayed by Kirstie Alley 
5. Famous 3-part Ginsberg poem, considered offensive upon release 
6. A domestic cock or hen 
7. In literature, a character who contrasts with the protagonist in order to highlight particular qualities of the protagonist 
8. To be unsuccessful in achieving one's goal 
9. Pellets of frozen rain, or to wave down a cab 
10. Pull or drag with effort or force 
11. The slimy criminal lawyer (Bob Odenkirk) * 

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