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Shakespeare Title Characters
Juliet's lover * 
Competitive sport derived from cattle herding practices 
Actress Holland _____ of 'Teen Wolf' and 'House of Dust' 
He played Al on 'Cheers' 
Thorny red flowers 
What the Dark Knight does in the third movie 
Country superstar: LeAnn _____ 
Dickens novel: 'Hard _____' 
It keeps track of baking durations on your oven 
Island at the southern end of Maritime South Asia, or a Shakira song 
Lord of Athens (or Pumbaa's pal) * 
U.S. Presidents
Ulysses _____ * 
Actor Rupert _____ of the 'Harry Potter' series 
Text appearing in a book, newspaper, etc. 
Colored substance spread over a surface (e.g. a wall) 
TV series on USA: 'Royal _____' 
Founder of the Communist Party of Canada 
Buildings where you might find horses and bales of hay 
What a dog does when he's excited 
Listens attentively 
They would lose to the tortoises in a race every time 
Rutherford _____ * 
Snow White's Dwarfs
He wears a green cloak and purple hat * 
Depressed, low in spirits 
To move in a leisurely manner 
He was appointed by God to lead the Israelites out of Egypt beside a burning bush 
Characteristic customs of a community 
Removes the tough central part and seeds of a fruit 
Haim or Feldman 
R&B/pop singer: Mariah _____ 
To bear or hold while moving 
Marv's other half in the first two 'Home Alone' films 
Winged spirit in Greek mythology who constantly stole food from Phineus 
Ironically, he marches behind Grumpy * 

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