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Updated Oct 19, 2012

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Hint4-Letter Word
▼ MICHAEL who played Marc St. James on 'Ugly Betty' ▼
Soft, meltable French cheese
Citizen of the United Kingdom
Ill-mannered, immature child
Have a victory over
Curved or crooked
A penny
Pro wrestler/actor John
▼ MICHAEL who acted in 'Arrested Development' and 'Superbad' ▼
Zeus' wife
Jewish circle dance
___ d'oeuvre: appetizer
▼ MICHAEL who is a famous fashion designer ▼
'Freak on a Leash' metal band
Central part of a fruit
Hint4-Letter Word
To feel concern or interest
An adult female horse
Hair on a lion's head
▼ MICHAEL who directed 'Heat' and 'Collateral' ▼
Principal or primary
What a postman carries
Prolonged cry of grief
A barrier or rampart
▼ MICHAEL who founded a PC company named for him ▼
An herb for pickles
Where wheat becomes flour
Sean Penn biopic of 2008
Jagger of 'The Rolling Stones'
▼ MICHAEL who is the former-dogfighter QB of the Eagles ▼
Immoral or wicked behavior
Hint4-Letter Word
Tarzan might swing from this
Collective word for cattle
Having a friendly nature
▼ MICHAEL who choreographed for Astaire and Charisse ▼
Baby goats
Frees oneself of things
Stewart, Steiger, and Carew, e.g.
Fish whose livers are used for oils
Low, soft cries of a dove
A 'masked' animal, for short
Director Joel or Ethan of 'Fargo'
Julie who hosts CBS' 'Big Brother'
Sonny Bono's singing partner
▼ MICHAEL who was the subject of 'The Blind Side' ▼

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