Language Quiz / Letter Subtraction XIV

Random Language or Mixed Word Quiz

QUIZ: Can you name the answers to the hints, where each answer has the same letters (minus one) as the answer above it?

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Set 1
Medical identifications of disease causes through patient evaluation (9) 
Second largest city in California and home of the NFL's Chargers (8) 
To torment or torture (7) 
Freeing from pain or worry (6) 
To slightly scorch or burn (5) 
To make musical sounds with the voice (4) 
An immoral act (i.e. against divine law) (3) 
Opposite of 'out' (2) 
Chemical symbol for nitrogen (1) 
Set 2
To extend services to the greater population, as in community work (8) 
To improve by making slight alterations (7) 
Trojan prince, first-born son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba, in 'The Iliad' (6) 
A routine household task (5) 
A person admired for courage or noble qualities (4) 
A naturally occurring solid material from which a metal or valuable mineral can be profitably extracted (3) 
Conjunction used to link alternatives (2) 
One-letter symbol for arginine (1) 
Set 3
A change to an opposite direction, position, or course of action (8) 
More than two, but not many (7) 
To make secret information known to others (6) 
To go away from (5) 
The flesh of a calf, used as food (4) 
A type of beer with a bitter flavor and higher alcoholic content (3) 
Initials for the most populous city in California (2) 
Represents 50 in Roman numerals (1) 
Set 4
Extremely hungry (8) 
Anxious; edgy (7) 
Relating to the veins (6) 
Kitchen appliances for cooking or baking (5) 
Pinocchio's grew when he told a lie (4) 
The number of states that begin with the letter 'D' (3) 
Opposite of 'off' (2) 
Christmas song: '_____ Come All Ye Faithful' (1) 

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