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Can you name the answers to the hints, where each answer has the same letters (minus one) as the answer above it?

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Set 1
To increase the temperature of a liquid under pressure above its boiling point without vaporization (9) 
Arrest record (8) 
To give new form to (7) 
The genital kind is an STD characterized by blistering (6) 
Ewes (5) 
Urinates (4) 
Visualize (3) 
Chemical symbol for selenium (2) 
The letter at the arrow pointing downward on a map's compass rose (1) 
Set 2
The expression of opinions or explanations about an event or situation (10) 
Brief (9) 
Relating to currency (8) 
To any further extent (7) 
2012 U.S. presidential candidate Mitt (6) 
A current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes (5) 
A sign of prophetic significance (4) 
'All the King's _____' by Robert Penn Warren (3) 
'Marley & _____' by John Grogan (2) 
Bond character played by Bernard Lee, Robert Brown and Judi Dench (1) 
Set 3
UK-adapted Showtime hit starring Emmy Rossum and William H. Macy (9) 
Smooth (ie: fabric) (8) 
An infectious viral disease causing fever and a red rash on the skin (7) 
Oscar the Grouch's street, or a common bagel topping seed (6) 
In billiards, the technique that causes the cue ball to follow a curved path (5) 
Physical property of matter measured in kilograms (4) 
One's buttocks, or a donkey (3) 
The common abbreviated name for the Nazi organization Schutzstaffel (2) 
Chemical symbol for sulfur (1) 
Set 4
The furthest point or limit of something (9) 
Audacity (8) 
A small, pale soft-bodied insect that lives in large colonies with several different castes, typically within a mound (7) 
To send forth again (6) 
Fundamental SI unit of length (5) 
The length of time a person serves a particular office (4) 
“Haven’t ____ You Yet” (Michael Bublé) (3) 
Dorothy’s aunt in “The Wizard of Oz” (2) 
The letter at the arrow pointing to the right on a map's compass rose (1) 

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