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Can you name the answers to the hints, where each answer has the same letters (minus one) as the answer above it?

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Set 1
Incapable of being contested (10) 
Sharp, shocking pain that follows the path of a nerve and is due to irritation or damage to the nerve (9) 
Surname of the singer who goes by the name 'Xtina' (8) 
The emblems and symbols of royalty, such as the crown and scepter (7) 
Operating or operated overhead on elevated cables or rails (6) 
The first name of Disney's little mermaid (5) 
One who does not tell the truth (4) 
Phil Collins can feel it coming 'In The _____ Tonight' (3) 
'To go' in Spanish, or a type of radiation (2) 
Biochemical symbol for arginine (1) 
Set 2
Made necessary by particular circumstances or regulations (9) 
Avenges or retaliates for an injury or wrong (8) 
Magazine 'guide for men who want to live a fuller, richer, more informed and rewarding life' (7) 
Verging on indecency (6) 
A title of respect used by the French (5) 
An action intended to deceive someone (4) 
To employ or utilize (3) 
Joan Osbourne wonders 'What if God was one of _____?' 
Chemical symbol for uranium (1) 
Set 3
Molecule whose effect on hemoglobin's affinity for oxygen is called the Bohr effect (9) 
The edible flesh of a particular crustacean, a prized delicacy (8) 
Disturbing and horrifying because of involvement with or depiction of death and injury (7) 
Device you use to take pictures (6) 
Dairy product that is composed of the higher-butterfat layer skimmed from the top of milk before homogenization (5) 
Fictional corporation featuring prominently in the Wile E. Coyote cartoons (4) 
In a deck of cards, it is the only type of card with a letter and no royal figure (3) 
Clothing store, American Airlines regional airline system, or Federal Credit Union (abbrev.) (2) 
2.718281828 (1) 
Set 4
He's the frontman for the band Maroon 5 (10) 
Alternate spelling for the next answer (ie: how Ted from 'How I Met Your Mother' would snootily pronounce it) (9) 
The Middle Ages (8) 
Lemonade's green cousin (7) 
Relating to, situated in, or extending toward the middle (6) 
System for sending and receiving messages electronically via a computer network (5) 
Green, kidney-shaped beans, or the hometown of 'Glee''s McKinley High (4) 
'1000' in Spanish (3) 
Internet communication that offers an instantaneous transmission of text-based messages (2) 
Chandler Bing's middle initial on 'Friends' (1) 

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