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Can you name the answers to the hints, where each answer has the same letters (minus one) as the answer above it?

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Set 1
U.S. state with capital Dover (8) 
Opposite of 'windward,' or a group of islands in the West Indies (7) 
The person from which addicts buy illegal drugs (6) 
A person of age valued for wisdom (5) 
17th century folk dance: Virginia _____ (4) 
DeWyze who won season 9 of 'American Idol (3) 
Masculine single word for 'the' in Spanish (2) 
Mathematical constant equal to approximately 2.71828 (1) 
Set 2
They are (sometimes tauntingly) called 'gingers' (8) 
Southeast- and Midwest-based fast food chain that first opened in Greenville, NC (7) 
To stick or cling to (6) 
Perceived sound by the ear (5) 
What you do to a book (4) 
Dominant color on China's flag (3) 
Talking TV horse: Mr. _____ (2) 
Franklin Roosevelt's middle initial (1) 
Set 3
A politician's run for office, or a 2012 Ferrell/Galifianakis movie (8) 
Outdoor recreational activity often involving tents and S'mores (7) 
Walking back and forth in deep thought, or controlling your speed in a race to conserve energy (6) 
Sudden sensation of fear, or a fortified saferoom for protection from break-ins or other threats (5) 
Physical suffering or distress (4) 
A puppy might do this with his teeth, or a kind of slip female celebrities might have in a wardrobe malfunction (3) 
Mathematical constant equal to approximately 3.14159 (2) 
Third member of the party with 'me' and 'myself' (1) 
Set 4
A planetoid; a bunch of these make up the 'belt' between Mars and Jupiter (8) 
Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds might have used an anabolic version of this drug (7) 
The head of a newspaper, usually responsible for final proofreading (6) 
Attempted (5) 
To restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight (4) 
2012 comedy starring Mark Wahlberg and an animated stuffed bear (3) 
Well-known little alien introduced by Steven Spielberg in 1982 (2) 
'Two and a Half Men' star Angus Jones' middle initial (1) 

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