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Can you name the TV shows based on the provided possible plots?

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Hypothetical PlotTV Show
Bart runs out of room on the chalkboard and resorts to writing on the classroom walls. D'oh!
Michael and Fiona marry; someone eats yogurt.
Drew Carey, after losing weight, dyes his hair white to more closely resemble former host Bob Barker.
Detective Kate Beckett 'accidentally' shoots her cocky mystery novelist sidekick in the leg.
Ray Drecker is castrated in a car accident... whoops, there goes the income from male prostitution.
Patti Mayonnaise marries to become Patti Funnie but is creeped out by her hubby's tendency to think out loud while writing in his journal.
Cookbook author and host Padma Lakshmi joins the contestants in a challenge; this does not end well.
Majors Tony Nelson and Roger Healey find themselves trapped in the magic lamp.
Olivia continues to hallucinate, imagining Astrid as a Greek line dancer and Peter as a member of the Jonas Brothers.
Samantha twitches her nose and accidentally turns Tabitha into a monkey.
Steve tracks down Osama bin Laden, and Danno books him.
Doug almost gets liposuction to shut Carrie up, but doesn't have to when Arthur accidentally rips out Carrie's vocal chords (thank goodness!).
Brian gives Lois a roofie so she'll sleep with him; Stewie tries to murder the 'fat man' rather than Lois.
Piers Morgan puts a stripper through to the next round but buzzes a talented opera singer for not being 'Vegas enough' for him.
Hypothetical PlotTV Show
Lilly, Scotty, and Kat solve the JonBenet Ramsey murder from years ago.
Jennifer Aniston gets to date 30 attractive men on national TV and still manages to avoid finding happiness.
Jules and Grayson marry, and that ho Barb is certainly not invited.
Johnny Knoxville lights his crotch on fire. Again. Shocker, right?
Amanda Bynes and Kenan Thompson bring their Nickelodeon version of SNL back on the air.
J.D.'s voice-overs are actually heard by his fellow doctors; this turns Elliot off completely.
Will Smith's life once again gets 'flipped-turned upside down' when Carlton marries a supermodel.
Sarah Palin wins no money as she fails to be more intelligent than an elementary school student.
Chris Hansen confronts Roman Polanski at a 13-year-old decoy's house; Polanski has brought condoms and vodka.
Spencer refuses to make any Internet appearances with Sam, Freddie, or Carly.
Niles receives an invitation to join Mensa, to his brother's dismay; Daphne is admitted to a mental institution.
Dipsy and Laa-Laa prepare for Po's surprise birthday party; Tinky Winky hooks up with Glee's Kurt.
Marcia gets a nosejob after another football incident; Cindy takes speech classes to ditch her lisp.
This season, Octomom is paired up with Mark Ballas and Levi Johnston is with Kym Johnson.

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