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Can you name the TV shows based on the provided possible plots?

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Hypothetical PlotTV Show
McDreamy and McSteamy leave Seattle Grace to find jobs as underwear models.
A young Spanish exploradora trades in her Boots for some mittens at a flea market.
Eight strangers picked to live in a house refuse to drink, fight, or have sex.
Charlie finally kicks Alan and Jake out of the house, forcing them to live on the beach.
Ty Pennington's broken megaphone forces him to stop screaming at everyone and actually do legitimate work.
A grumpy doctor is forced to take on the role of midwife for his lovechild when Cuddy unexpectedly gives birth.
Despite the talk show's projected 2011 end, Gayle King takes over and it continues.
Ted finally meets his wife... and the show can only continue under a new name.
Daphne uses her telepathy to read JJ's super-smart mind, thereby taking on two superpowers.
Tommy returns from Mexico, Justin is officially released from the army, and Nora takes a chill pill.
Once again, the cheerleader is saved, and the world is saved in consequence.
Gordon Ramsay burns himself on the flame that destroys the photo of the most recently eliminated chef.
Liz Lemon marries Floyd in Cleveland.
Bette, Tina, Alice, Jodi, and Papi attend a gay rights rally.
Hypothetical PlotTV Show
Kristen Wiig as Christine O'Donnell meets her match in Tina Fey's Sarah Palin.
Clay and Quinn duke it out at the beach house, while Nathan regrets his NBA career decision.
Snooky and The Situation get into a cat fight; Jwoww contemplates her ridiculous nickname.
Daffy Leslie marries Andy and Ann after being ordained online.
Leon Vance is killed at a memorial for Jenny Shepard; the gang tries to figure out who killed him.
Sheldon gags as Leonard proposes to Penny at a 3D constellation theatre.
Temperance is devastated when Booth dates Angela.
Kalinda marries a woman, while Alicia and Will try again at their relationship, to Peter's dismay.
Just kidding- Michael Scofield isn't really dead!
NASA gets involved as the race around the world becomes a race around the galaxy.
Sydney falls for an international entrepeneur and must disguise herself for her own wedding. Just in case.
The Fishers' imaginary conversations with the dead are revealed to be true, as they are really dead themselves, Sixth Sense style.
Blair and Serena have a fist fight, and ironically Dan and Blair end up married; needless to say, Serena is less than pleased.
Rory and Lorelai finally slap snooty Emily silly, and Richard laughs hysterically.

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