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Can you choose the actor or actress who did NOT appear in each film by typing the corresponding letter?

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Man of Steel (2013): A) Laurence Fishburne, B) Russell Crowe, C) Kevin Costner, or D) Sebastian Stan?
Desperado (1995): A) Antonio Banderas, B) Javier Bardem, C) Steve Buscemi, or D) Salma Hayek?
A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (2006): A) Rosario Dawson, B) Channing Tatum, C) Robert Downey, Jr., or D) Cillian Murphy?
Happy Gilmore (1996): A) Julie Bowen, B) Kevin Nealon, C) Sam Rockwell, or D) Christopher McDonald?
Jurassic World (2015): A) Bryce Dallas Howard, B) Jake Johnson, C) Boris Kodjoe, or D) Judy Greer?
The Bodyguard (1992): A) Gary Kemp, B) Robin Wright, C) Whitney Houston, or D) Kevin Costner?
The Help (2011): A) Bryce Dallas Howard, B) Allison Janney, C) Lupita Nyong'o, or D) Sissy Spacek?
Trainwreck (2015): A) Brie Larson, B) Tilda Swinton, C) Jimmy Fallon, or D) LeBron James?
Up in the Air (2009): A) Danny McBride, B) Melanie Griffith, C) Vera Farmiga, or D) Jason Bateman?
Footloose (1984): A) Sarah Jessica Parker, B) Kevin Bacon, C) John Lithgow, or D) Bebe Neuwirth?
21 Jump Street (2012): A) Seth Rogen, B) Ellie Kemper, C) Ice Cube, or D) Nick Offerman?
Horrible Bosses (2011): A) Colin Farrell, B) Donald Sutherland, C) Jason Isaacs, or D) Jamie Foxx?
The Godfather (1972): A) Diane Keaton, B) James Caan, C) Al Pacino, or D) Robert De Niro?
The Runaways (2010): A) Chloƫ Grace Moretz, B) Kristen Stewart, C) Dakota Fanning, or D) Tatum O'Neal?
Casablanca (1942): A) Vivien Leigh, B) Ingrid Bergman, C) Peter Lorre, or D) Humphrey Bogart?
Remember the Titans (2000): A) Hayden Panettiere, B) Ryan Gosling, C) Denzel Washington, or D) Garrett Hedlund?

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