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Can you choose the actor or actress who did NOT appear in each film by typing the corresponding letter?

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'Schindler's List' (1993): A) Rachel Weisz, B) Ralph Fiennes, C) Ben Kingsley, or D) Liam Neeson?
'Panic Room' (2002): A) Forest Whitaker, B) Jared Leto, C) Kristen Stewart, or D) Meg Ryan?
'Ocean's 11' (1960): A) Bing Crosby, B) Frank Sinatra, C) Sammy Davis, Jr., or D) Norman Fell?
'Love Actually' (2003): A) Chiwetel Ejiofor, B) Liam Neeson, C) Renée Zellweger, or D) Laura Linney?
'The Patriot' (2000): A) Jason Isaacs, B) Heath Ledger, C) Adam Baldwin, or D) Jeffrey Dean Morgan?
'Clueless' (1995): A) Paul Rudd, B) Jeremy Renner, C) Brittany Murphy, or D) Breckin Meyer?
'A Bridge Too Far' (1977): A) Michael Caine, B) Anthony Hopkins, C) Sam Waterston, or D) James Caan?
'Austin Powers in Goldmember' (2002): A) Michael Caine, B) Fred Savage, C) Beyoncé Knowles, or D) Ben Stiller?
'Mean Girls' (2004): A) Amy Poehler, B) Maya Rudolph, C) Lizzy Caplan, or D) Diego Klattenhoff?
'Hairspray' (2007): A) James Marsden, B) Jamie Foxx, C) Allison Janney, or D) John Travolta?
'Doubt' (2008): A) Helen Mirren, B) Viola Davis, C) Amy Adams, or D) Philip Seymour Hoffman?
'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' (2015): A) Natalie Portman, B) Adam Driver, C) Mark Hamill, or D) Max von Sydow?
'Coach Carter' (2005): A) Ashanti, B) Channing Tatum, C) Octavia Spencer, or D) Angela Bassett?
'Airplane!' (1980): A) Barbara Billingsley, B) John Cleese, C) Leslie Nielsen, or D) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?
'Sisters' (2015): A) James Brolin, B) Tina Fey, C) John Cena, or D) Kristen Wiig?
'Ocean's Eleven' (2001): A) Don Cheadle, B) George Clooney, C) Ben Affleck, or D) Casey Affleck?

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