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Can you name the characters from Greek mythology based on excerpts from their therapy sessions?

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Forced Order
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I hate my husband but love my son Cupid- and yet everyone seems to want to have sex with me...
I feel I am very guarded; after all, I was born from my father's head fully-formed and armoured.
I feel like I am a pushover, especially since I gave up my seat as one of the Twelve Olympians to tend to the sacred flame.
My issue is more physical than psychological; my darn winged sandals fly me out of control!
I'm king of, well, everything, but things never go exactly the way I want them to.
My brother hates me, and I have to live in the dark with a three-headed dog, for crying out loud.
Unfortunately, we're the three-headed dog that other jerk was complaining about.
My husband thinks he can sleep around with everyone just because he's the king.
I don't feel that I need a support system around me; just give me my hammer, tongs, and anvil, and I'm fine.
My wife paid more attention to her new suitors than to me after I returned from the Trojan War.
I was born because my mother slept with the king, and now I'm the consort of the Underworld. But I swear, I'm innocent!
I would adore hair, but instead I get snakes. Seriously.
Endless labor is the story of my life, er, death. Every time I push a rock up a hill, it rolls back down!
My twin brother drives me crazy; I hunt everything else, but I wish I could hunt him sometimes!
My twin sister drives me crazy; she threatens to hunt me sometimes!
I am a god with a constant thirst for blood. Make it stop! Or else I'll kill you.
I'm the goddess of the harvest, but now my daughter is the consort of the Underworld. Hey, at least I got to sleep with the king.
I feel out of place among the Olympians because I was the latest addition, and I feel bad for the goddess who gave up her seat for me. How can I end the guilt?
If anyone calls me Cupid again, I'll shoot them with my bow and arrow!
I had that Greek hero within my grasp... and then he shot me in my one eye with his arrow and got away, and now my world is darkness and full of despair!
All six of my long necks and heads are getting weak due to lack of sailors passing by.
Sailors wish not to hear my beautiful singing... probably because it lures them to shipwreck. My bad!
When men upset me, I just turn them into pigs. So there!
I was once a beautiful daughter of the sea god. Now I'm a monster whose face is a giant mouth that creates shipwreck-causing whirlpools. That's what my life has become.
I live in the ocean. I rule the ocean. It's mine. MINE! I realize I have a god-complex, but I AM a god after all.
People only seem to know me by my Roman name, Hercules. What is a demigod to do?
I'm the Earth goddess that originally emerged from the void of existence. No one remembers me anymore...
I was the ruler of the gods, eating all my sons so they couldn't defeat me and take over. Miserable failure, though, because the current ruler of the gods is my son who defeated me
I'm the legendary epic poet who brought a lot of these characters to the forefront of culture, yet do any of them even consider thanking me? No, of course not.
Call me arrogant, but I'm so sexy they fought the Trojan War over me. I go, girl!

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