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Can you name the locations (excluding New York City) where each event took place on the hit TV show 'Friends'?

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EventAnswerLocation Type
Ross tries to visit his monkey at the zoo but is told that he has died; in reality, he is back in New York shooting a movie.City
For their first date, Pete takes Monica out for pizza.City
Chandler boards a plane heading here, caught in an elaborate lie to break up with Janice.Country
When his job keeps him in the office for Christmas, Chandler resists his co-worker's advances.City
Rachel convinces Ross to take her boss' niece to the opera; the pair ends up at a bed and breakfast here where they see a deer just outside eating fruit from the orchard. Really.U.S. State
Ross and company attend a paleontology conference; several couples switch partners, and Monica gets beads in her hair.Country
Still hiding their relationship, Monica and Chandler take a weekend trip here; needless to say, it does not go well.City
EventAnswerLocation Type
Rachel accepted a job here and was prepared to move with Emma, but it never happens.City
Monica and Chandler scope out and buy a house; they almost gain an unwelcome neighbor.City
Rachel ends up staying here for a few days, ironically enough, on Emily's and Ross' honeymoon.City
The pals visit a beach house; Phoebe meets her birth mother, and Ross' girlfriend ends up bald.City
Monica sleeps with Chandler in his hotel room; she later reveals she had really come by to see Joey.City
Monica and Chandler, reverend and doctor, first meet Erica, the birth mother of their future children.U.S. State
When his movie gig falls through, Joey takes a job posing for photos as a gladiator.City

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