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Can you name the (mostly) fictional characters based on their 'FML' complaints?

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My younger brother is taller than me, and I can only match his height by wolfing down a moving mushroom. FML.Video Games
I'm having doubts about giving up my showgirl career to marry an oil tycoon, and my tipsy chaperone constantly upstages me. FML.Broadway
My uncle murdered my father by making him jump into a wildebeest stampede to save my life. FML.Film
Becky Thatcher still isn't catching on to my signals, but hey, at least I managed to convince a few of the guys to paint the fence for me. FML.Literature
My boyfriend killed himself when he thought I was dead, when really I was alive but had taken heart-stopping poison. FML.Drama
My Homie caused another explosion at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. And somehow it is still a typical day for me. FML.Television
My predecessor choked on a pretzel, and I was caught wearing 'mom jeans.' What are we doing for America's image? FML.Current Events
Every time I try to find the remaining pieces of the Triforce, a blond fool called 'Link' ruins my plans. FML.Video Games
That wretched overweight Tracy Turnblad joined the cast of 'The Corny Collins Show' and is outshining my daughter Amber. FML.Broadway/Film
My childhood was scarred by embarrassment at Lowood, and the love of my life lost his hand and eyesight. FML.Literature
To get back at my ex-husband, I murdered his princess suitor, the King, and my own sons to prevent his plans for a family. Can anyone recommend a good psychotherapist? FML.Drama
No one knows my job, my wife Monica used to be fat, and my middle name is Muriel. Could things BE any worse? FML.Television
After 18 days of protests requesting my removal from office, I gave my powers to the VP, who wasn't even Head of State for a day. Guess who's not winning Mr. Congeniality? FML.Current Events
I love to kill, but I can only do so when people sleep and dream. Teens these days barely sleep. FML.Film
My girlfriend Dixie said we need to split - I think she's bananas. FML.Video Games
In our musical group The Four Seasons, Tommy owed the loan shark $150,000, and I went to Gyp DeCarlo against Tommy's wishes. Now, Tommy is 'sequestered' under mob supervision. FML.Broadway
I finally killed Barbossa, only to have Tia Dalma resurrect him from the dead. Savvy. FML.Film
I'm a mouse living with a human family whose pain-in-the-rear cat Snowbell wants me digested. FML.Literature
My demonic wife encouraged me to kill the king, and now I'm King of Scotland. Now I'm haunted by ghosts, and Macduff wants my head on a platter. FML.Drama
My ex Puddy is an idiot; I told him not to wait for me when my three pals and I were sent to prison, and he barely reacted. FML.Television
I win the 2011 Grammy for Best New Artist, only to have fans of my mop-headed competitor bash me and cry foul. FML.Current Events
I was tricked into combating Sonic the Hedgehog; I quickly figured out what was up, but now he and I are rivals. And. He. Always. Wins. FML.Video Games
I have no idea who my dad is. I invited all three possibilities to my wedding and still have no clue. FML.Broadway/Film
I accidentally killed my husband's lover in a hit-and-run accident, with Jay Gatsby's car and with Gatsby inside. FML.Literature
My husband abandoned our family years ago, and my daughter Laura has a crippled foot, is insecure, and can't get a man. FML.Drama
Robin and I had a great relationship for almost a year, and then, oops, she tells me she doesn't want marriage or kids. FML.Television
I'm a polemicist who speaks her mind, but I'm constantly criticized for my views, like when I said that America would work better if women didn't vote. FML.Current Events
I took my talents to South Beach, and now the entire state of Ohio hates me. FML.Current Events

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