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Can you name the celebrities of past and present whose first and last names begin with the same letter?

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Most famous perhaps for his role as Hawkeye Pierce on 'M*A*S*H,' he has won five Emmys and six Golden Globes.A.A.
This MLB player holds a record seven MVP awards. His high home run count of 73 in 2001 was scarred by the steroids scandal.B.B.
He was the original 'Weekend Update' anchor on 'SNL' and has since starred in movies that include 'National Lampoon's Vacation.'C.C.
As of 2009, she was the top-ranking female box office star of all time and #6 in the Top 10 Box Office Performers, male or female.D.D.
This 'Mighty Ducks' coach...er...actor is Charlie Sheen's brother and Martin Sheen's son.E.E.
This 'Charlie's Angel,' famous for an iconic red swimsuit poster, passed away due to cancer on the same day as the King of Pop.F.F.
First she was afraid, she was petrified. Kept thinking she could never live without you by her side. But she survived.G.G.
This 31st U.S. President was preceded by another double-letter name president, Calvin Coolidge.H.H.
This Australian fantasy writer and scientist wrote The Human Rites Trilogy and The Runcible Jones Quintet.I.I.
I was a 'Cry Baby' when this drug-addicted musician stole 'A Piece of My Heart,' now baby.J.J.
'Keeping Up' with her may be a challenge, but sisters Khloe and Kourtney manage just fine.K.K.
Perhaps this author is best known for her books 'Number The Stars' and 'The Giver.'L.L.
This drug-abusing blonde bombshell's husband list includes James Dougherty, Joe DiMaggio, and Arthur Miller.M.M.
This actor, film producer, and former model was Sam Bowden in 'Cape Fear' and Mulgarath in 'The Spiderwick Chronicles.'N.N.
His posse includes wife Sharon and his Black Sabbath bandmates.O.O.
This self-proclaimed 'asexual' comedian was arrested in 2001 for child endangerment and released her debut comedy CD in 2009.P.P.
He's the best Roman Catholic New Testament scholar you've never heard of at Marquette University.Q.Q.
This TV chef was credited by the Oxford American College Dictionary with coining the term 'EVOO.'R.R.
She's the newest Supreme Court Justice, the third female and first Hispanic to hold such a position.S.S.
This Denver Broncos NFL quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner was a first-round draft pick in 2010.T.T.
She's an American lawyer and judge who was nominated by George H.W. Bush to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.U.U.
This actor has dodged balls, crashed weddings, and broken up in starring movie roles.V.V.
Among this Civil War-era poet's most famous works are 'O Captain! My Captain' and 'As I Ponder'd in Silence.'W.W.
This 'Wacked Out, Crazy But Cool' heavy metal/hard rock musician isn't remotely famous, but who else has the initials X.X. for crying out loud?X.X.
This essayist, a very frequent 'USA Today' contributor, takes on racial issues and has a published memoir called 'On Our Way To Beautiful.'Y.Y.
'Harry' is the real first name of this motivational speaker and author of 'God's Way Is Still The Best Way.'Z.Z.

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