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Can you name the famous stars who provided the voices for the characters in these popular Disney movies?

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Character & Disney MovieStarAlso Seen In
Jane Porter / 'Tarzan''Good Will Hunting'
Kala / 'Tarzan''Dangerous Liaisons'
Terk / 'Tarzan'Her talk show
Philoctetes / 'Hercules''Matilda'
Mushu / 'Mulan''Shrek' series
Milo James Thatch / 'Atlantis: The Lost Empire''Back to the Future' series
Jim Hawkins / 'Treasure Planet''Inception'
Dr. Delbert Doppler / 'Treasure Planet''Frasier'
B.E.N. / 'Treasure Planet''Father of the Bride' series
Captain Amelia / 'Treasure Planet''Nannny McPhee'
Kenai / 'Brother Bear''Walk the Line'
Rutt / 'Brother bear''Honey, I Shrunk the Kids' series
Character & Disney MovieStarAlso Seen In
Dory / 'Finding Nemo'Her talk show
Chicken Little Cluck / 'Chicken Little''Scrubs'
Abby Mallard / 'Chicken Little''Working Girl'
Maggie / 'Home on the Range''Roseanne'
Mrs. Calloway / 'Home on the Range''Shakespeare in Love'
Buck / 'Home on the Range''Jerry Maguire'
Mildred / 'Meet the Robinsons''What's Love Got to Do With It'
Bolt / 'Bolt''Grease'
Penny / 'Bolt''Hannah Montana'
Princess Rapunzel / 'Tangled''A Walk to Remember'
Eugene Fitzherbert | Flynn Rider / 'Tangled''Chuck'
Hook-Hand Thug / 'Tangled''Everybody Loves Raymond'

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