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She is concerned about his emotional trauma from attempting to kill his uncle to avenge his father's death.Simba and Nala
He keeps her up at night because, even though the curse has ended and he is no longer furry, he coughs up hairballs in his sleep.Belle and Beast
She is homesick because she can't hold her breath long enough to visit her dad at home.Ariel and Eric
He thinks she is clumsy and irresponsible, having already lost a very expensive shoe before they were even married.Cinderella and Charming
He has jealousy issues concerning her seven little friends.Snow White and Prince
After taking a leap of faith to join her lover in an uncharted rainforest, her father tagged along and is driving them crazy.Tarzan and Jane
She feels she doesn't know him well enough because she was urged to marry him shortly after waking from years of sleep.Aurora and Philip
Issue Couple % Correct
He thinks she's a bit of a snob, and she says he spends too much time with his friends (especially the big blue one).Aladdin and Jasmine
She wants him to just grow up already; he may or may not be involved with a (tiny) woman on the side.Peter Pan and Wendy
They are having issues maintaining a long distance relationship across the Atlantic, especially since phones don't exist.Pocahontas and John Smith
She is experiencing repressed anger at him for that power-destroying glass shard haircut.Rapunzel and Flynn
She doesn't feel attractive any more after having birthed more than a dozen offspring and adopting over seven dozen more.Pongo and Perdita
She is having nightmares about the time she was nearly burned at the stake; his arms still ache from catching a falling man from a church.Esmeralda and Phoebus
Their young twins are unable to detect danger, namely wildfires, like their papa can.Bambi and Faline

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