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Can you pick the celebrity, by typing A, B, or C, who was NOT ever married to the given celebrity?

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Nick Lachey: A) Jessica Simpson, B) Olivia Wilde, or C) Vanessa Minnillo?
Marilyn Monroe: A) Arthur Miller, B) Gene Kelly, or C) Joe DiMaggio?
Ryan Reynolds: A) Blake Lively, B) Jessica Alba, or C) Scarlett Johansson?
Lisa Bonet: A) Charles Barkley, B) Jason Momoa, or C) Lenny Kravitz?
Rebecca Romijn: A) Jerry O'Connell, B) John Stamos, or C) Nikolaj Coster-Waldau?
Portia de Rossi: A) Ellen DeGeneres, B) Jodie Foster, or C) Mel Metcalfe?
Sean Penn: A) Madonna, B) Melissa Leo, or C) Robin Wright?
Barbra Streisand: A) Alan Thicke, B) Elliott Gould, or C) James Brolin?
Pamela Anderson: A) Kid Rock, B) Terrence Howard, or C) Tommy Lee?
Tom Cruise: A) Kate Beckinsale, B) Katie Holmes, or C) Nicole Kidman?
Uma Thurman: A) Ethan Hawke, B) Gary Oldman, or C) Josh Brolin?
Iman: A) David Bowie, B) Jerry Rice, or C) Spencer Haywood?
Mariah Carey: A) Nick Cannon, B) Seal, or C) Tommy Mottola?
Kim Kardashian: A) Freddie Prinze, Jr., B) Kanye West, or C) Kris Humphries?
Angelina Jolie: A) Billy Bob Thornton, B) Charlie Hunnam, or C) Jonny Lee Miller?
Demi Moore: A) Ashton Kutcher, B) Bruce Willis, or C) Russell Crowe?

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