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Can you name the missing single-digit integer that correctly completes each chemical formula?

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Chemical Name and FormulaMissing Subscript
Carbon Dioxide: CO__
Acetone: (CH__)2CO
Cyclobutanol: C4H8O__
1,3-Dichloroprop-1-ene: C3H__Cl2
Sulfur (elemental, standard conditions): S__
Silver Cyanide: AgC__N
2,3-Dimethylheptane: C__H20
Lead (elemental, standard conditions): Pb__
Chemical Name and FormulaMissing Subscript
Rubidium phosphide: Rb__P
Benzene: C__H6
1-Nonyne: C__H16
Oxygen (elemental, standard conditions): O__
Ethanol: C2H__O
Diphosphorus Pentoxide: P2O__
Hydrochloric Acid: H__Cl

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