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Can you name the episode title in each pair, by typing 'A' or 'B,' that is a real episode title from 'The Big Bang Theory'?

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The Cruciferous Vegetable AmplificationThe Naked Physicist Singularity
The Pirate SolutionThe Black Dress Vortex
The Space Invaders HypothesisThe Roommate Transmogrification
The Adhesive Duck DeficiencyThe Angry Mobster Experiment
The Poker Face ParadigmThe Fuzzy Boots Corollary
The Wheaton ExtractionThe 43 Peculiarity
The Dead Hooker JuxtapositionThe Unearthed Fossil Proof
The Action Figure CatalystThe Plimpton Stimulation
The Consummation ExtrapolationThe Skank Reflex Analysis
The Parking Spot EscalationThe Roommate Displacement
The Tangerine FactorThe Lemon Law
The Music Box TriangulationThe Panty PiƱata Polarization
The Higgs Boson ObservationThe Ex-Boyfriend Variable
The Apology DissectionThe Herb Garden Germination
The 21-Second ExcitationThe Monetary Insufficiency
The Crime Scene SimulationThe Locomotive Manipulation

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