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Can you name the verdict for each of these Acts, serving as Judges by typing 'G' for 'guilty' or 'I' for 'innocent'?

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Human trafficking of JosephJudah & his brothers
Assault by head shavingDelilah
Public intoxicationNoah
Sacrificial murder of son IsaacAbraham
Arson on Mt. SinaiMoses
Murder of a child in response to dispute over motherhoodKing Solomon
Racially-charged human enslavementEgyptian Pharaoh
Total annihilation of a peaceful town, LaishThe Tribe of Dan
Deception, motivated by mother, to receive father's blessing inherently due to brotherEsau
Murder of brother ErOnan
Execution of Daniel for praying to a false godKing Darius
Accomplice in the stoning of StephenSaul of Tarsus
Sexual assault and murder of son IshmaelHagar
Consumption of forbidden fruitAdam & Eve
Incest with two daughtersLot
First-degree murder of brother CainAbel
Rape of half-sister TamarAmnon
Reconstruction of destroyed heathen altarsManasseh
Land procurement via homicideAhab & Jezebel
Adultery with DavidBathsheba

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