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Can you name the words and phrases that end in 'AR'?

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A thief who enters a building with intent to steal.
Palindrome that describes Jeff Gordon's vehicle.
Comedian George Burns was always smoking one of these.
The title elephant character in a French fictional children's book series; his wife is Cecile.
Manic-depressive; when a period of elevated thought, mood, etc. is followed by one of depression.
The most popular type of cheese in the UK, accounting for 51% of the country's annual cheese market.
Clothes worn beneath other clothes, often next to the skin, to shape the body, provide warmth, or prevent soiling of outer garments.
Not near.
In the Harry Potter series, this is Slytherin's first name.
Sylvia Plath's 1963 semi-autobiography, her only novel.
Outside the regular program of courses; outside of one's regular work, responsibilities or routine.
1951 Vivien Leigh film: 'A _____ Named Desire.'
Regarded with favor, approval, or affection by people in general, or a song sung by Glinda in the Broadway musical 'Wicked.'
1985 holiday children's book, made into a movie in 2004: 'The _____ Express.'
Plucked string instrument often played with fingers or a pick.
A widely acclaimed celebrity, a 2007 Lupe Fiasco hit, or a 1999 SNL-based Molly Shannon movie.
An island republic off the coast of Africa, or a 2005 animated film about four escaping zoo animals.
In golf, the pre-determined number of strokes that a golfer should need to complete a hole, round, or tournament.
Actor who played Richard Hoover in 'Little Miss Sunshine,' Rob in 'Baby Mama,' and Dr. Benjamin Hobart on 'Friends.'
Title used to designate certain Eastern-European Slavic monarchs or supreme rulers.
A person employed to keep a record of the owners of stocks and bonds issued by a company or university.
The official name of the country of Burma.
Commonly or generally known or seen, or well-acquainted.
A system of timekeeping that defines the beginning, length, and divisions of the year.
The only country whose name begins with the letter 'Q.'
The only Panthera feline species found in the Americas, or a member of Jacksonville's NFL team.
Mammals of the family Ursidae; Winnie the Pooh is one.
Area of fibrous tissue that replaces normal skin after injury, or the villain in 'The Lion King.'
A spoonful of this helps the medicine go down, Mary Poppins sings.
This kind of eclipse occurs when the moon passes behind the earth so that the earth blocks the sun's rays from striking the moon.

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