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Can you name the male actor from each sentence, created entirely from the titles of at least 3 movies they were in?

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Happy together, Thelma & Louise meet Joe Black across the tracks.
'Drive,' he said. 'Something's gotta give the passenger anger management.'
Public enemies blow the astronaut's wife without a map.
Django unchained the departed celebrity - catch me if you can!
Unforgiven, clean, and sober, the dark knight rises.
I spy Shanghai knights behind enemy lines.
Funny people reign over me - just go with it.
City lights show people the great dictator.
Forces of nature extract the sum of all fears.
The avengers die hard with a vengeance, meeting evil in my country.
Flirting with disaster, Starsky & Hutch meet the parents.
Seven horrible bosses pay it forward.
We bought a zoo behind the candelabra hereafter.
P.S.: Our idiot brother knocked up the 40-year-old virgin.
The misfits never let me go, gone with the wind.
Run if you can, the majestic Ed Wood - north by northwest!
She's the man fighting Coach Carter.
Gods and generals get low to kill a mockingbird.
Bewitched hope springs over the hedge.
Superbad Walter and Henry steal this movie.
Limitless wedding crashers older than America hit and run the A-Team, bending all the rules.
The great debaters remember the titans' glory.

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