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Can you name the words/phrases with three consecutive consonants (lefthand column) or vowels (righthand column)?

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HintAnswerConsecutive Letters
Vampire-themed fantasy romance novel series by Stephenie Meyer.
Bristol Palin's ex-fiance and baby daddy.
The world's largest hamburger fast food restaurant chain.
This band's hits include 'Viva la Vida' and 'The Scientist.'
The name of the paper company on NBC's hit show 'The Office': Dunder ______.
This object is used to grind solids in a mortar.
First-year college students; not sophomores, juniors, or seniors.
Comedy play by William Shakespeare: 'The Taming of the ______.'
The title for your parent's brother, or your aunt's husband.
Additional; more than is necessary.
A word of military origin that refers to a plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal.
This company's advertising icon and mascot is a stop motion clay doughboy.
The longest dimension of an object.
The Season 6 winner of 'American Idol' whose hit singles include 'Battlefield' and 'No Air.'
HintAnswerConsecutive Letters
The second largest island of Hawaii where the Haleakala Crater is located.
American singer-songwriter whose hits include 'Your Body Is A Wonderland' and 'Gravity.'
A female monarch, or the king's wife.
Journalist, TV personality, and current co-host of NBC's 'Today Show': Meredith ______.
Pop star whose hits include 'Break Your Heart' and 'Dynamite.'
Devoutly religious.
Archaic form of 'yes'; opposite of 'nay.'
Being the winner in a contest or struggle, or a Nickelodeon series about a singer at Chicago's High School for the Arts.
An egg yolk/vinegar/oil/seasoning sandwich dressing, or a 4-piece Filipino rock band fronted by Monty Macalino.
A body of water typically found in flat, low-lying areas; often a slow-moving stream or a marshy wetland.
Quote from the 2004 movie 'The Santa Clause': '______ isn't believing; believing is ______.'
Flat board marked with letters/numbers/symbols, supposedly for communication with any spirits.
A popular San Bruno-based video-sharing web site.
Doug Funnie's superhero alter ego.

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