Language Quiz / 3 Consecutive Vowels and Consonants III

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Can you name the words that have three consecutive consonants (lefthand column) or vowels (righthand column)?

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HintAnswerConsecutive Letters
U.S. state whose capital is Harrisburg.
Disney character whose nose grows when he lies.
Toward the source of a river, or against the normal water flow direction.
J.D. Salinger novel: 'The _____ in the Rye.'
Religious figure who died on the cross.
T.V. reality show hosted by Donald Trump, who constantly says 'You're fired!'
The first 'Chronicles of Narnia' novel is called 'The Lion, the Witch and the _____.'
A transparent, lemon-lime flavored soda made by Coca-Cola.
What you do at a casino.
2005 movie in which Will Smith plays a date doctor.
Electrochemical equation for finding a half-cell's equilibrium reduction potential.
Element with atomic number 39 and symbol Y.
The adjustment of an object in relation with other objects.
Material from which the Taj Mahal's white domed mausoleum is made.
HintAnswerConsecutive Letters
NFL free agent drafted in 1990 by the San Diego Chargers: Junior _____.
A minor landowner, or a free man holding a small landed estate.
Beneficial; providing aid that gives one a leg up.
Debby Boone song: '_____ Light Up My Life,' or the opposite of 'me.'
This Jack is the hero of FOX's show '24.'
This word describes a monkey named George, or the case of Benjamin Button.
Where a line of people wait.
This Matt has been a host of NBC's 'The Today Show' since 1997.
U.S. state whose capital is Honolulu.
Social environment, or the word for 'environment' in French and Dutch.
The study of past human societies; often considered to be both a science and humanity.
A single thickness of a material covering a surface; an onion is said to have many of these.
U.S. state whose capital is Baton Rouge.
In a theatre, this is the large room adjacent to the auditorium used as a repose area for spectators before performances and during intermissions.

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