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0-1 years (Freud)
1-3 years (Freud)
3-6 years (Freud)
6-12 years (Freud)
12+ years (Freud)
0-1 years (Erikson)
1-3 years (Erikson)
3-6 years (Erikson)
6-12 years (Erikson)
12-19 years (Erikson)
19-25 years (Erikson)
25-50 years (Erikson)
50+ years (Erikson)
0-2 years (Piaget)
2-6 years (Piaget)
7 years to adolescence (Piaget)
Adolescence+ (Piaget)
When do we begin to reach for objects?
When can we coordinate our hands?
Zippers > buttons
When can we tie our shoelaces?
When do we begin to show handedness?
When can we start to distinguish pitch?
When can we start to use sound to figure out location and distance (sound staging)?
When do we have the same visual acuity as adults?
What is language like at 2 months?
What is language like at 6 months?
When do we being to associate changes in pitch with phrases (range of months)?
What is language like at 1 year?
Two year olds have a vocabulary of a few thousand words: TRUE OR FALSE?
Approximately how many words does a six year old know?
1 year (play)
1 year - 15 months (play)
15-18 months (play)
18 months - 2 years (play)
0-30 months (gender)
3-4 years (gender)
4-5 years (gender)
A combination of the second and third gender stages
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