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Who has the first line of the entire series?
What is Ross's monkey's name?
What costume does Ross rent instead of Santa Claus for Ben?
What is Rachel's middle name?
What are the names of Frank and Alice's triplets?
Where do Monica and Chandler first hook up?
Who first finds out about Monica and Chandler?
What is Phoebe's signature song?
What animal does Chandler claims he's allergic to, but he really hates them
What is the 'gang's' default hang-out spot
What is the color of Monica and Rachel's (later Monica and Chandler's) apartment?
What keeps Chandler from proposing to Monica the first time?
According to Chandler, how long did he and Monica sneak around before Ross found out?
Who buys Phoebe's first bike?
What is Ross's profession?
What is Joey's role on Days of Our Lives
How does Dr. Drake Ramoray die?
What is Rachel and Ross's daughter's name?
What do Monica and Phoebe do together for a short amount of time?
What is Monica's biggest pet peeve?
How many sets of towels does Monica have for the bathroom?
When Rachel was 15, why did her dad buy her a boat?
What two pets do Chandler and Joey own?
What is the name of Chandler and Joey's TV?
What was Joey's short-lived TV show called?
Who is the old man that lived below Monica and Rachel?
Who were roommates in college?
Name the six best friends

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