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Found in cheese, eggs and pb
Found in mushrooms, liver, egg and broccoli
Coenzyme of glucose and fat metabolism
Antioxidant used in collagen synthesis, wound healing and immune function
Found in pork, whole enriched grains and dried beans
Deficiencies are Berberi and Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrone
Deficiency is Pellagra
Deficiency is Cacrocytic (megoloblastic) anemia
Also called ascorbic acid
Found in animal foods
Can be made from the amino acid tryptophan
Vital for cell synthesis, nerve maintenance, works with folate
Coenzymes of carb metabolism
Found in bran, liver, enriched grains, beef, chicken and salmon
Deficiency is scurvy
Coenzyme of protein metabolism
Found in leafy greens, OJ and enriched foods
Foundin milk, enriched grains, spinach and liver
Enrichment program requires these 5 nutrients be added to grains
T or F: FDA regulates dietary supplements
Found in leavefy greens and whole grains
Deficieny is macrocytic anemia and ppor nerve function
Coenzyme of DNA synthesis and nerve function
Aids in iron absorption
Found in citrus fruits, along with other fresh produce

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