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Forced Order
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Inupiut live in
Broad descrption for all descended from Tuli
Became the Inuit
Yupik live in
Sami live in
Russia's Natives
3 North alaskan types of natives
Most Arctic regions have a ______ birth rate
Made to promote sustainable development
Size of Arctic land in kilometers
Size of Arctic population
Greenlanders first made contact with Europeans in the ______century
Natives of the Bering sea first made contact with Europeans in the _______ century
High Arcitc Candian natives first made contact with European in the __________(early/late)__________century
Total Arctic pop of Russia
Indiginous pop of Russia
Total Arctic pop of Canada
Indiginous pop of Canada
Total Arctic pop of Alaska
Indiginous pop of Alaska
Total Arctic pop of Norway
Indiginous pop of Scandinavia
Total Arctic pop of Sweden
Total Arctic pop of Finland
Total Arctic pop of Iceland
Indiginous pop of Iceland
Total Arctic pop of Greenland
Indiginous pop of Greenland
Total Arcitc pop of the Faroe Islands
Indiginous pop of the Faroe Islands
Usual suspects for surveys
T or F: gender matters in the surveys
T or F:party matter in the surveys
T or F:temp anomoly matter in the surveys
What effected whether or not people believed in climate change?
What effected whether people answered sciend questions correectly?

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