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Important antioxidant in lipid-rich areas of body
Deficiency is rickets, osteomalacia
Helps vision, mucus membrane and cell integrity, cell differentiation, bone remodeling and immunity
Found in plant oils and margarine, wheat germ, nuts and seeds, fortified breakfast cereal
Helps blood clotting, and bone formation
Helps cell membrane, lungs, DNA, heart and other tissues
Deficiency is hemorrhaging fractures
Some is made in the gut
Preformed sources found in animals
Deficiency is night blindness, xerophthalmia, hyperkeratosis, poor growth and dry skin
Provitamin sources found in plants
Overeating liver can lead to toxicity of:
Deficiency is Erythorocyte hemolysis and nerve degeneration
Most active form alplha tocopherols
Found in liver, green leafy vegetables, cabbage and liver
Found in fortified dairy and wheat, fatty fish and mushrooms
Regulates blood calclium

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