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The Dome of the Rock is not a
This structure had a minaret that was not very funcitonal, mainly symbolic
This structure used to have exterior support sturctures with bath houses and latrines
Religious school where men would study Arabic, Qu'ran and law
Taj Mahal is in the city of
How many streams are in the gardens of the Taj Mahal
The House of the Prophet was built in
The gardens in the Taj Mahal courtyard mimick
Suleymaniye Mosque in the city of
Year great mosque of damascus was built
Structure that was the first great Umayyad monument
Suleymaniye Mosque built in year
Taj Mahal was built by
What on the Azhar mosque represents wealthy donors
Year dome of the rock was built
Mosque of Samarra has _____around edges
The Kaaba is surrounded by
Structure built outside Bagdad
What type of interior decoration was used in the Suleymaniye Mosque
The House of the Prophet is in the city of
Structure that is a mountaintop palace
Object that shows direction of prayer
What type of glass was used in the Suleymaniye Mosque
the great mosque of damascus was built by
Largest califphate, 661-750 AD
Which structure was built on the foundation of a christian basilica that had been dedicated to john the baptist
Location of dome of the rock
Ismpiration for Dome of the Rock
Structure with gleaming white marble walls, colored marble inserts and shallow relief
Screened in area for califph
Carved alabaster and stone lattice over window
Structure that the mosque design was inspired by
Structure built by Bassids, Islamic caliphates
The Alhambra is located in
Suleymaniye Mosque built by
Mosque next to Hagia Sophia
Structure with gothic church on top
Poets drop petal and speak poems
Texture in corners
What structure broke the Islamic trend of terror vacui?
This structure was blown up in 2005
The Dome of the Rock is build on a ___x___ grid
Which structure has a treasury in the center?
Fear of empty space
Taj Mahal is a
Muhammed was exiled for ___ years
What differs the badshahi mosque from the others we've studied?
Blocks that make up an arch
Term for 'no scenes or pictures'
Year Mosque of Samarra was built
Direction of prayer
What structure has mosaics of pots with vines going through crowns on its dome
Suleymaniye Mosque commissioned by what type of ruler?
The treasury is supported by
How many laborers did it take to build the Taj Mahal
What architectural trait did the Suleymaniye Mosque not have added that the Hagia Sophia did?

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