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name a utopia we've studied
architect pingree house
Seagram Building year
celebration florida company founded by
architect 30 st mary axe
salt works architect
kedleston hall architect
year bank of england
Glass House year
architect nakagin capsule building
San carlo city
architect the opera
grosses schauspiel haus architect
TWA Terminal year
architects centre pompidou
architect miwaukee museum of art quadracci pavilion
architect st peters colonade
contemporary arts center year
architect crystal palace
city scala regia
architect unite d'habitation
state levittown
City of Olympic Theatre
year CCTV
what structure had family boxes instead of pews
architect hearst tower
contemporary arts center city
architect karlskirche
Centre Pompidou year
city 30 st mary axe
decades the opera
monticello architect
eames house and glass house were both built in year
architect st pauls cathedral
San Carlo year
Who said 'the house is no longer a solid thing built to defy decay, but a machine, a tool for living'
falling water state
Year school of surgery
year Kedleston hall
Nakagin Capsule Building year
architect church of san carlo
architect glass house
city centre pompidou
architect villa savoye
what structure was advertised as ruins
st pauls cathedral year
structure that was second empire style
year redwood library
city st pauls cathedral
bauhaus designer
city church of ste-genevieve/pantheon
year the casa
structure that was modern but kind of boroque
Year Scala Regia
town eames house
Ma State House year
the loos haus city
year Pingree House
rejects boxment of city
city school of surgery
structure that is 'modular and effemeral'
old ship meeting house location
Architect of Olympic Theatre
year monticello
French equivalent of arlington cemetary
Who wrote about the three styles of architecture, the greeks, the romans and the reception
Contemporary Arts Center architect
architect twa terminal
arhitect eames house
one story building that appears to be two story when looking at the facade
structure with roman bath influence
designer entrance to paris subway
city twa terminal
seagram building city
designer chicago worlds fair
city CCTV
Guggemhim (Gehry) year
city grosses schauspiel haus
year salt works
st lukes church location
against history, ornament; emphasis on materials, pureform
structure originally housing for workers, now popular with professionals
year Milwaukeee Museum of Art
celebration florida year
where was mcdonald's kicked out?
st lukes church ce
st lukes church arch style
year chicago worlds fair
Bauhaus year
year Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
hearst tower city
Who first wrote about the concept of the grand tour?
Year Hearst Tower
structure funded by group or rich donors
falling water architect
which was more easy to modify, write houses or corbusier houses
site of first ferris wheel
crystal palace built in ___months taking up ____ acres
town glass house
falling water year
year karlskirche
What did sir john soane and j.m. gandy built
guggenheim museum city (Wright)
What are the wall carvings made out of in the Olympic theatre
year 3- st mary axe
st peters colonnade city
year Old Ship Meeting House
location redwood library
city nakagin capsule building
guggenheim museum designed by Gehry in which city
eiffel tower year
guggenheim in Bilbao architect
New Haven CT on what type of grid
location salt works
location pingree house
city unite d'habitation
kedleston hall exterior masonry shows
architect the casa
structure with ribbed dome like hagia sofia
architect guggenheim museum (NY)
building uses grey water for toilets
Unite D'Habitation year
st peters colonnade year
year Olympic Theatre
Grosses Schauspiel Haus year
crystal palace ___ ft long
'cruiseship of ameneties'
year crystal palace
town Monticello
year church of ste genevieve/pantheon
'nothing abou it is symbolic, but it has become a symbol'
What structure was built as a church, secularized, then made religious then secularized again
city karlskirche
year entrance to paris subway
art nouvea example
Villa Savoye year
structure built for paris exposition universelle
architect school of surgery
Guggenheim (Wright) year
school where faculty live in building
architect CCTV
architect redwood library
oldest public library in US
city galleria vittorio emanuele II
Architect scala regia
year levittown
architect galleria vittorio emanuele II
ma state house architect
influence for grid type of new haven CT
the loos hause year
seagram building architect
structure wthat displays AsBb format
architect church of ste-genevieve/pantheon
city the casa

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