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Tomb of the Baker built in the year
Year greatest church of Constantinople burned
The plaque on the Tomb of the Baker was written in first/second/third person
'Gathering' prime public space in Athens
City Santa Costanza was built
Rome fell into disrepair around the year
Seats in Colosseum sloped up at a___ angle
The processional stairway that forced people to walk slowly while bringing sacks of grain was built in the city of
Decorated Roman gateway, usually free standing with one or three arched openings celebrating return of victorious general
Rough year when Contantine was emperor
A columned audience hall in ancient Persian palaces
Hard, molded and fired clay used for ornamental wall covering, or roof or floor tiles
Most Roman amphitheatres were (inside/outside) the city center
Old St. Peter's Basilica built in year
Inner drum of Santa Costanza has mosaics of
A fortified wall
Place of Mausoleum of Galla Placidia
Scattering of Jews around Mediterranean
Pantheon walls was lightened by
A courtyard whose roofs slant toward center so runoff flows into small basin
The Hagia Sophia is similar to what structure?
First to write about architecture and how it should be
Year of Mausoleum of theodoric
City whose streets constantly rose due to waste being thrown in streets
City was attacked by Sargon and its stones were immortalized by being burned to ceramic
Ravenna had two sects of Christianity, which were
Church in venice with stolen elements from Constantinople
First non native emperor of Rome
Thickness of walls of Pantheon
Columns all around exterior
Death and rebirth associated with
Year Pantheon building began
Year Turks conquered constantinople
Year earthquake destroyed roof of hagia sofia
Year the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia was built
Caput Mundi meaning
Transverse vestibule
A square or polygonal decorative panel embossed into a ceiling or arch
Place where people were reborn
Structure with itself in its engravings
Hypadrome was used for racing____
Step pyramid and complex of King Djoser built in year
Public space that is designed as such (Rome)
Year of Church of San Vitale
How many figures on Column of Trajan
Items recycled from other monuments
Biggest city in Mesopotamia after Akkad was destroyed
Etruscans later perfected the____&_____
What personification appears with Jesus on both mosaics of the two baptisteries in Ravenna
Outer mosaics of Santa Costanza show
Was the style for the tomb of the baker common?
What city was the ishtar gate in?
Oldest Forum
City of San Marco
Constantine converted his empire to
City with soft ground where buildings slowly sink
These two people never set food in the church that depicts them
Structure with dome lid carved out of one solid peice of rock
Year Santa Costanza was built
Logistics and Organization were characteristic of the
The Column of Trajan looks over the
Builder of Pantheon
Diameter of Pantheon
The Hagia Sofia was built in less than ___ years
City of Mausoleum of Theodoric
Structure built by 2 mathematicians
Temple Complex of Amun at Luxor built in year
Site of HebSed festival
Church in palace for monarch
Year Magia Sofia was converted to mosque
The Colosseum was (inside/outside) the city center
Ziggurat, Temple Complex of Nanna, Ur, built in year
Ishtar Gate built in year
Great pyramids of Giza built in year
Year Rome was founded
Element used in mosaics of Mausoleum of Galla Placidia
Order of columns in Colosseum from bottom to top
A fortress built into a city wall
The Column of Trajan was sided on each side by
Scale fraction of figures on Column of Trajan
How many scenes on Column of Trajan
Structure with offset entrance, you have to turn when you enter
River that flows through Rome
City state between Tigris and Euphrates
Cylindrical structure served as dining hall for Athenian senate
Date of the Arch of Titus
Role in the center of roof
Earthquake prone city
3 components of ziggurat of Ur
Size of Colosseum
All the columns in the Basilica of Santa Sabina are ____ style
Basilica of Mexentius and Constantine built in year
City of Church of San Vitale
In St. Peter's Basilica, the dominating monarch is replaced wtih
Vitruvius's three principles
Type of masonry used in Mausoleum of theodoric
Which part of the two baptisteries in Ravenna differ them
Core of Rome
Year Constantinople was sacked
Type of columns in Santa Costanza
Freize on Tomb of the Baker depicts
Mosaics in Hagia Sofia were made of
Auther of single treatise on architecture
Colosseum had____entrance archways

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