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Can you name the Girls Season 1?

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How do Hannah, Jessa, and Marnie know each other?
Where do the GIRLS live?
How do Jessa and Shoshanna know each other?
Who did Marnie date?
What is Jessa's accent?
Who did Hannah date that is now gay?
What is Adam's last name?
Who does Shoshanna lose her virginity to?
Age difference between Shoshanna and Ray?
What school did Hannah, Jessa, Marnie, Elijah, and Charlie all attend?
What is Shoshanna's favorite show?
What is Charlie's new girlfriend's name?
Who gets married in the season finale?
What is Charlie and Ray's band name?
What does Hannah's boss inappropriately do to her?
Who does Jessa marry?
What show inspired GIRLS?
Who writes the show?
What channel/production company makes the show?
How long are the episodes?
Who plays Hannah Horvath?
Who plays Jessa Johansson?
Who plays Marnie Michaels?
Who plays Shoshanna Shapiro?
How many episodes are in season one?
What is the shows tagline?
Who is most often seen nude or topless?
Where does Ray work?
Who does Hannah first accuse of giving her HPV?
What does Jessa almost have to get?
What job does Jessa briefly have?

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