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zoonotic bacilli- brucellosis(undulant fever) dairy products/ animals. facultative
respiratory bacilli- epiglottitis, pneumonia, capsule, Iga protease, facultative anaerobe.
respiratory bacilli -conjunctivitis.LOS (liposligosacharide) endotoxin. facultative.
pneumonia, sepsis, external otitis, uti, diabetic oseteomalacia. exotoxin A, aerobic.
zoonotic bacilli- cellulitis by animal bites. facultative
zoonotic bacilli- plague via fleas. exotoxin, endotoxin. f v w antigens. facultative
respiratory bacilli-whooping couch, tracheal cytotoxin. aerobic
abcess, periodontitis associated. anaerobic
waterhouse friderichsen syndrome(low cortisol), has capsule, LPS endotoxin, IgA protease, and is aerobic. vaccine exists
zoonotic bacilli- tularemia, ticks. facultative
respiratory bacilli- ac units. pneumonia, facultative
std, discharge/ epidiymitis, pelvic inflammatory disease. LOS endotoxin, igA protease. aerobic

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