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Can you name facts from the movie Divergent? (Not the book)

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Forced Order
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Can you name the random facts from diverAnswers
The main character's name
Her nickname
Her boyfriend
His nickname
His father
His fear #1
tris's friends who are initiates #1
#2 (who she kills)
#3 (who kills himself)
Who was protecting the flag in war games
Dauntless leader
Tris's last name
Can you name the random facts from diverAnswers
Tris's brother
Who administered the faction test
What was Tris's result
What faction was Tris born into
What faction did she choose
What faction did her brother choose
What do they call it when the people choose their new factions
Who is still awake in Dauntless after they insert the serum besides tris and four
Who dies from tris's family
In the beginning, what do they do after jumping off the train
What does four figure out about tris when she does the second part of training
What is four's tattoo
What is Tris's tattoo
Who leads the attack on abnegation
What is the name of the second movie

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