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An Infectious Disease is
Normal flora
When the microbe can be passed from person to person or animal to person
Types of Microorganisms
Nosocomial infections
Incubation period
Endogenous Infection caused by
Exogenous Infection caused by
Acceptable percent of Nosocomial Infections
Most nosocomial infections are caused by
Substance that is harmful to human body, also trait of pathogens
A person who has a pathogenic organism in or on body and is not being harmed by it at the time
Opportunistic Pathogen
Compromised Hosts
Examples of Compromised Hosts 7
Possible outcomes of pathogen encounters
Outcomes of colonization
Factors that determine outcome of encounters
Real life example of carrier
Factors of Communicability 6
Sources of Microbes and Infections
Modes of Transmission
2 types of insect and arachnid vectors
A location where there conditions are suitable for microbes to survive
The study of the occurance of diseases and causes of disease
way to express how many cases of a disease happend at a certain time in a certain place (cases/people)
how many deaths occured from disease in a cetain time and location (deaths/cases)
Relationship when 2 living things are coexisiting
Example of Mutualism
Example of Commensalism
Example of Parasitism
In hospitals and nursing homes, bacteria can become
Every hospital has a
Procedures used with a patient with an infectious disease
Theory that living things can spontaneously come into existene via organic matter
Founder of Microorganism
Proved that microbes are everywhere via swan necked flask and veggie broth
Wine Spoiling issue led to
Guy who invented Antiseptic surgery
2 things Joe Lister suggested
WHo suggested hand washing after childbed fever and perpetual sepsis scare
Did experiment to prove that microbes caused disease
Came up with theory of Koch's experiments
First experimental proof that a microbe causes disease, still used today
Idea that some human diseases are caused by microorganisms
Experiment with tobacco plants discovered small microbes that are inside cells called

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