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A branch of anatomy concerned with the study of microscopic structures of tissue
4 major categories of tissues
Located in kidney tubes; ducts and secretory portions of small glands; surface of ovary
Located in lining of esophagus, mouth, vagina, and tip of penis; epidermis of skin
Located in male urethra and in large ducts of some glands; very rare
Located in lymph nodes, bone marrow, spleen
Located on ends of long bones with joints; forms cartilage of nose, trachea, larynx and ribs
Located in heart walls
Located in Bones
loacted in external ear and epiglottis
Located in air sacs of lungs, kidney glomeruli, lining of heart, blood vessels, and lymphatic vessels; lining of central body cavity
Located in packages of organs, surrounds capillaries, under epithlia of body
Located in lines of ureters, bladder, and urethra
Located in walls of hollow organs
Located in brain, spinal cord, nerves
Located in tendons, ligaments, aponeuroses
Located in largest ducts of sweat glands, mammary glands, and salivary glands
Located in ducts of large glands and male urethra; trachea and upper respiratory tract
Located inside blood vessels
Located in embryo
Located under skin, around kidneys and eyeballs, in abdomen and breasts
located in digestive tract, gallbladder and excertory ducts, small bronchi, uterine tubes, and regions of uterus
Located on dermis of skin, submucosa layer of digestive tract and fibrous capsules of organs and joints
Located/attaches on bones and skin
Located between the disks of the spine, pubic symphysis and in knee joint

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