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BeliefChristianity (C) or Judaism (J)
Adherents called Christians
Little expansion; mostly confined to Canaan area throughout early history
Schisms - Catholic-Orthodox (1054); Catholic-Protestant (1500s)
Original Languages - Hebrew
Name means 'of the Kingdom of Judah'
Founders & Early Leaders - Jesus, Peter, Paul
Adherents in USA - 159 million
Date Founded c. 30 CE
Texts - Hebrew Bible (Tanakh); Talmud
New Testament is noncanonical
Religious Law - Halakhah
Clergy - priest, bishop, archbishop, patriarch, pope, pastor, minister, preacher, deacon
Second Coming of Jesus - denied
God & Spirits - One God, who is a Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit; angels; demons; saints
Day of Worship - Sunday
BeliefChristianity (C) or Judaism (J)
Birth of Jesus - Virgin Birth
Apocrypha - canonical (Catholic) or useful but noncanonical (Protestant)
Afterlife - Resurrection of body and soul; eternal heaven or hell (most denominations); temporary purgatory
Adherents in UK - 320,000
Religious Authority - Bible, Talmud, halakhah
Major Holidays - Yom Kippur, Days of Awe, Passover
Death of Jesus - normal death
Resurrection of Jesus is affirmed
Worldwide Adherents - 2.2 Billion
Adherents in Canada - 350,000
Symbols - Star of David, chai, hamsa, tree
Revered Humans - saints, church fathers
Main Locations Today - Israel, Eastern Europe, USA
Creeds - Apostle's Creed, Nicene Creed
Branches - Orthodox, Reform, Conservative

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